The Nexus 5 (hammerhead) joins our ranks!

Kernels will start dropping very soon now (tm) :)

Happy flashing!



The Nexus 7 2013 (flo/deb) joins our ranks!

The first stable is already out and the latest beta fixes the touch-get's-stuck when tapping bug.

Happy flashing!



The Nexus 4 joins our ranks!

Despite the defeat in the Nexus 4 Rootzwiki contest the Nexus 4 is joining our ranks!
One of the last devices that had 1-2 weeks shipping time and it had not one quiet minute since then.

Check back soon for stables, betas are available :)



New supported device: Nexus 7

The Nexus 7 was added to the list of supported devices thanks to all piggy bank donators!



Call for support: Nexus 7 - Piggy Bank

A lot of people were asking me lately if I could port my HTC One X kernel to the Google Nexus 7.
The answer is: Yes, with your support. Since I am currently unemployed that is not something I can just buy out of my very empty pockets.
Among those who asked many were willing to donate for this device and asked me to open a piggy bank.
Now, I would like to ask you to support my effort to get a Nexus 7 with a donation. It does not have to be much because every penny counts.
I do very much appreciate your support regardless of the amount you donate.

Those who left me their name/transactionid are listed at the bottom of this page, for those who didn't: I suppose that they want to stay anonymous.

Donated amount since start: 234.11 (94.02% of the Nexus 7 are safe!)

Piggybank completed! - updated @ 27.09.2012 20:15 UTC+2
Thank you very much!


Nexus 7 piggy bank supporters:

Roger Keegan, FCDHBubbles, preacher65, eyosen, j1po, PAGOT, mochange, breinholst




Direct Links are now forbidden!

As of now, direct linking to any of the kernel files is no longer possible.
Please only link to the appropriate release pages, because these pages usually contain release information that might be useful to the downloader.
Update: A direct file link will now throw you back to this page (, instead of showing you a "forbidden".



Bricked-Installer released!

Today version 0.1 of the Bricked Installer saw the first public light. Ofcourse everything is opensource and on my github.
It fully supports Windows/Linux and as soon as somebody can build it for me on a mac: that too :)

I added the new columns to the navbar for Changelogs/Download.




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